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Smokey Point Distributing, a leader in aerospace related transportation and flatbed trucking, was founded over 30 years ago. They offer one of North America’s most diverse trailer fleets – featuring retractable curtain trailers in flat bed, step deck and low profile step deck. Smokey Point Distributing is committed to flexible service including partials, teams, over-dimensional, truckload, and full supply chain logistics and feature a highly diversified trailer fleet with a focus on the transport of cumbersome, high value cargo. Safety, driver retention, and growth are hallmarks of SPD Trucking – consistently earning annual Platinum Awards from insurance companies. Smokey Point has a driver retention rate five times better than the industry average and a top-tier CSA rating 

Accelerator Pay

On January 1st 2022 we launched our new Accelerator pay program. A “Total Package” that increases our drivers pay for being safe and productive, up to 1.01 per mile for every mile over 9900 for a first year driver.




Orientation starts on Monday and typically lasts 4-5 days, depending on the size of the class. You will have your own hotel room and a car you can share during orientation. For the following three Mondays after completing orientation, you will be paid $875 via direct deposit as a bonus and to help with financially transitioning to SPD. We know that changing jobs can be a financial burden and we want to make it as easy as we can for you and your family!




·    Affordable medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. Family plans are also available

·    401K with 4% Matching

·    Very friendly Pet & Rider policy 

·    Paid Time Off (PTO)

·    Annual raises (upon review)

·    Clean inspection bonuses


Solo Drivers:

Solo experienced flatbedders (1+ yrs of recent flatbed experience/ can pass flatbed assessment) pays $.56/mi) PLUS mileage-based accessorials (OD, hazmat, detention), PTO Payout ($1,000), a $.05/mi safety bonus for all miles in incident-free months, PLUS monthly Accelerator Mileage and Accelerator Safety Bonuses for a total of up to $1.01/mi!


Here's how it breaks down: The first 9,900 miles of the month are paid at .56/mi. + .05/mi Safety bonus on all delivered miles. After that, each mile over 9,900 has the potential to pay $.56/mi base + $.05/mi safety + $.20/mi Accelerator Mileage Bonus + $.20/mi Accelerator Safety Bonus = $1.01/mi!


Team Drivers:

Teams are also eligible for the Accelerator Pay Program! Experienced flatbed team driver’s (1+ yrs of recent flatbed experience/ can pass flatbed assessment) pays .69/mi on half of the trucks miles PLUS mileage-based accessorials (OD, hazmat, detention), Tarps (40.00 to 60.00) and Picks and Drops @ 15.00 to the truck, PTO Payout ($1,000), and monthly Accelerator Mileage and Safety Bonuses.

Here’s the breakdown: The first 18,500 miles of the month (to the truck) are paid at .69/mi + .05/mi for Safety bonus on ½ of the delivered miles for the truck. After that, each mile over 19,800 has the potential to pay EACH of you $.69/mi base + $.05/mi safety + $.20/mi Accelerator Mileage Bonus + $.20/mi Accelerator Safety Bonus = $.1.14/mi each or .57/mi on all delivered miles for the truck in the month.

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